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Franchising FAQ

Franchising/Financial Requirements

What are the basic requirements for franchising with Popeyes?

Popeyes will require that you agree to build, open and operate the number of restaurant franchises determined reasonable for the territory. Popeyes will set the number of restaurants for the territory based upon an analysis of the market. Many factors are considered including, but not limited to, the following considerations: competition, economic and demographic data, and geography. Popeyes will not grant any development agreements for territories that cannot justify a minimum of five restaurants.

If I cannot meet your financial requirements for franchising by myself, can I partner with other people?

Absolutely. We have many franchisees that have partnered with other interested parties to become franchisees.

Why does Popeyes require that you have $1,000,000 USD in liquid assets to qualify financially?

We feel that these numbers represent the level of fiscal responsibility we would like our franchisees to have.

What are “liquid assets”?

The most common forms are cash, stocks, bonds and inventory.

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Popeyes Franchising Process

The following information is provided to you only as a guide. Following the process outlined does not guarantee your approval to become a Popeyes franchisee. This information is intended to give you an overview of the steps considered as part of the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen franchise application process. Popeyes reserves the right to change the process and/or requirements without notice.

Pre-qualification—Determine from the information on the website whether you can meet the minimum financial requirements to become a franchisee. Then complete the request information form on our website and submit to Popeyes. Popeyes will then contact you. If we decide to proceed, then we will need a completed Corporate International Application Form. We will email this form for you to complete and return. It requests basic information that tells us about the people or company interested in franchising Popeyes internationally.

  1. Once Popeyes has received all the necessary forms, we will review your information.
  2. Once it has been determined that you meet our financial requirements and the area in which you wish to develop is available, you will then be considered an applicant for franchising with Popeyes. Whereupon, you will be contacted by a member of our New Business Development Team who will help guide you through the remainder of the process.
  3. Once a member of our New Business Development Team has contacted you and approved you to move forward in the franchising process, you will need to complete the following items (it is not necessary to complete the following items until you have been approved to move forward). This list is not all-inclusive and is provided to potential franchisees as a guide. Completing the required steps does not guarantee acceptance into the Popeyes franchising system.
    • Company & Personal Financial Statements, Store Income Statements—(P&L) (Latest Annual & Interim)
    • Business Operating Plan, Resume/Brief Biography
  4. Prior to entering into a Development Agreement with you, we may be required to complete certain registration and disclosure processes as required by the governing authorities in your area of interest.
    This is not an offer to sell a franchise. An offer can only be made by a prospectus or franchise disclosure document filed first with the appropriate authority, as applicable. Such filings do not constitute approval by such authorities. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., 400 Perimeter Center Terrace, Suite 1000, Atlanta, GA 30346.

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Real Estate/Development Requirements

Can you develop in convenience stores or gasoline stations?

Popeyes no longer signs new Development Agreements with franchisees in these types of venues. You may see Popeyes continue to build these venues, but only under agreements that were in place prior to our decision to discontinue development in these venues.

In what types of venues will Popeyes build?

Our two most common venues are “free-standing” (alone on its own real estate) and “in-line,” as part of a shopping center or row of businesses. We also develop in other venues, such as airports, shopping malls, stadiums, grocery stores, campuses and many others.

Who determines whether or not I can build a restaurant on a particular piece of real estate?

Popeyes retains final approval authority on all site selections. Once you have submitted the site to Popeyes, we conduct an analysis and, when necessary, we visit your location to determine whether or not the location meets our established approval criteria for development.

Can I buy an existing building and convert it to a Popeyes restaurant?

Yes, if the image elements of Popeyes can be incorporated into the building being converted. As with any site, the location must first be approved by Popeyes in writing.

Does Popeyes provide facility and equipment specifications?

Popeyes provides facility and equipment specifications. All architectural drawings must be approved by Popeyes Development Services department. Only approved equipment may be used in Popeyes restaurants.

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Franchisee Support

What type of support do you offer to new franchisees?

Popeyes offers a wide variety of services including support in real estate selection, restaurant design and layout, equipment drawings, purchasing support, training and opening support. We also offer ongoing assistance through additional training, operation advisory assistance, marketing assistance, operation manuals and revisions, supplier relations and periodic evaluations of your restaurant franchises and operating systems. Popeyes delivers support via highly trained professionals and via technology resources such as password-protected websites.

How do I get the appropriate Popeyes training for myself and/or my managers?

Popeyes requires that you send your management team to the U.S. for training at an approved Popeyes restaurant. The program lasts approximately 4–6 weeks and covers food preparation, equipment, food safety and sanitation, inventory, service, management controls and functions, operations compliance, safety and security and many other topics. At the end of the program, you will be a Certified Manager for Popeyes. You will be required to send members of your management to the U.S. until you have established one of your restaurants as a “certified” training restaurant.

What type of support does Popeyes offer after I open?

One of the unique aspects of being a Popeyes franchisee is that you get personalized service from one of our Regional Leaders (RLs). Your RL is your one point of contact with Popeyes; you have only one number to call to get answers on training, operations, marketing, etc. This allows you to build a business relationship with someone who knows you and your business. Popeyes also offers ongoing support in many other areas, including development, restaurant construction and opening, marketing, training and sales-building.

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Profit and Sales Information

What is the average profit from a Popeyes restaurant?

Each market, especially internationally, is unique and consequently has different levels of costs. During your business planning, you are encouraged to conduct as much research as you feel necessary to be confident with your financial estimates.

What is the average unit volume (sales) of a Popeyes restaurant?

As for profit, each market has different sales potential. During your business planning, you are encouraged to conduct as much research as you feel necessary to be confident with your financial estimates. Be sure to evaluate other similar multi-unit branded restaurant concepts.

What other sales and earnings numbers can you share with a potential franchisee?

Popeyes does not furnish, or authorize our employees to furnish, any oral or written information concerning the actual, average, projected or forecasted sales, costs, income or profits of a restaurant franchise. Each market, especially internationally, has unique and different profit and sales potential. During your business planning, you are encouraged to conduct as much research as you feel necessary to be confident with your financial estimates. Be sure to evaluate other similar multi-unit branded restaurant concepts.

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General Information

Why do you have the area I’m interested in listed as sold out, when I don’t see a Popeyes restaurant near me?

Popeyes sells franchises through what we call a “Development Agreement” that grants the franchisees a particular area to franchise and gives them a timetable to build the restaurants. Your area of interest may have a Development Agreement for the entire city or country already in place and the franchisee just hasn’t developed in that area yet.

Why do you have to build a minimum of five restaurants?

We use this minimum to keep our Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen franchise community active and aggressive. The number also requires that you are financially sound enough to continue to grow the Popeyes System.

Do you have to build all restaurants for your development agreement at once or over a period of time?

Popeyes negotiates each deal separately. Development schedules are set through the negotiations and will vary widely by the number of restaurant franchises you agree to develop and the development challenges/opportunities in a particular area.

I am interested in owning the development rights for an entire area so that I am the only one who can build Popeyes in that area. How can I do this?

You would enter into what we call an “exclusive agreement” which grants “exclusivity” for the area in which you are interested. The number of options you would need to develop is determined by the total capacity of the area as determined by Popeyes.

I am a student and I am doing a project on Popeyes. Who should I contact?

You should find all the information necessary on this website, but if not, please feel free to contact us by email from this site and we will contact you or send you the information you request.

Does Popeyes own the real estate and the building or must the franchisee buy them?

The franchisee is responsible for buying or leasing the real estate and for the cost of building the restaurant. We will offer assistance in site selection, architectural design and other areas of construction, but Popeyes does not own the real estate or the building.

How do I get financing? Does Popeyes provide financing or guarantees?

The franchisee is responsible for arranging financing for their deal. Popeyes does not offer financing or any type of guarantees.

How long does it normally take to get approved to become a franchisee?

Normally the franchising process takes between 90 and 120 days, although we have had deals that have taken less that 45 days and longer than 3 years. Many things determine the length of time, such as how quickly the franchise candidate returns the required material to Popeyes and the amount of time it takes the franchisee to arrange financing.

Once I am approved to become a franchisee, how long until I can actually open a Popeyes?

You agree to the opening date of your first restaurant in the development agreement, but as a rule most people open their first restaurant within six months.

What are our market launch activities?

Before your first Popeyes franchise opens, we will undertake several activities to prepare you and Popeyes to be successful in your specific marketplace. We will work together to understand what consumers think of the Popeyes brand through the completion of a Brand Positioning Study. In addition, to ensure the unit economics related to food costs are optimized, we will help build the best possible supply chain from chicken to packaging. Then, we need a Market Development Plan. We will identify priorities for locations and venues.

What is received for the ad fund monies that I pay?

All new international franchisees’ contribution to the ad fund represents an access fee that is used to update and maintain Popeyes’ extensive library of marketing support materials. This fee entitles all international franchisees full access to these marketing materials and programs that are developed quarterly by the Popeyes Domestic Marketing Department.

As a new international franchisee, what ongoing marketing support will I receive from Popeyes?

In addition to providing a grand opening plan to establish brand identity in your country, Popeyes International provides various marketing manuals, quarterly advertising/merchandising programs and materials, corporate domestic marketing promotions and quarterly updates. Popeyes has no obligation to place advertising in your area of interest.

Should I hire a marketing professional locally to work with Popeyes corporate?

Popeyes International recommends that you hire a marketing professional and/or agency locally to work directly with Popeyes International Marketing to assist in development and execution of the Popeyes Marketing Programs in your region.

Should I do a trade area analysis for my region prior to choosing a site for Popeyes?

Yes, a complete trading area audit should be done to learn where the potential source of the business exists. Obtain local Quick Service Restaurant research by contacting a beverage supplier, local newspaper, TV and radio research departments, local governmental agencies, libraries, as well as other available resources.

Once I become a Popeyes Franchisee, where do I purchase the products to run my business?

Popeyes International Product and Menu Development will provide a list of authorized suppliers/distributors from which you can purchase your ingredients and supplies.

How do I know which menu items will work in my country?

Popeyes has a standard menu policy that is used around the world which can be supplemented as necessary from a long list of optional menu items. The results of your Brand Positioning Study will help you and Popeyes make many decisions, including those related to menu.

Can I add items to the menu that are not standard in the U.S.?

Popeyes does allow some variance, but they are considered from market to market.

Can I buy local items to supply my restaurant?

Popeyes will try to help you source as much product locally as possible, so long as it meets Popeyes specifications and is otherwise approved by Popeyes.

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