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Franchise Process

Based on the information on this website, determine if you meet the minimum qualifications to become a franchisee.

Please complete our financial pre-qualifier to be sure.

The following information is provided to you only as a guide. Following the process below does not guarantee your approval to become a Popeyes® franchisee.

Because our franchisees are so important to our success, we are looking to expand our relationship with qualified applicants who possess the right mix of expertise and enthusiasm.

Potential candidates should meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicants MUST have restaurant operating experience and previous ownership in a multi-unit food service operation in the market that the applicants desire to develop.
  2. Applicants MUST have substantial retail development experience within the local market proposed for development.
  3. The number of restaurant franchises required to develop will be determined by Popeyes® after conducting an analysis of the market’s potential. Generally, Popeyes® will not consider any markets with a development requirement of less than fifty restaurants.
  4. Applicants MUST possess sufficient capital to fund the development of the market. We currently grant franchises on an area development basis. The minimum net worth requirement is $1,000,000 USD per restaurant franchise to be developed that must be liquid cash or cash equivalents.