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Franchise Support

Popeyes® provides support in different ways through our Atlanta-based Global Service Center, our field-based team and via technology. Popeyes is there to support the growth of the brand!

Your Popeyes Support Team will assist you in defining the best way to launch the Popeyes brand in your market. Together, we will complete a comprehensive Brand Positioning Study that will act as a guide for making decisions regarding facilities, menu, marketing and more. In addition, once we know the menu for your market, we’ll help build your market-specific supply chain. We know that paying attention to restaurant profits is critical to Popeyes long-term success.

Popeyes will support you in determining the optimum Market Development Plan. How many restaurants and where? What type of venues? These are questions that are vital to successfully building the brand and achieving the economies of scale necessary to realize your profit goals.

As you would expect, Popeyes has strict procedures and operating standards. Your management team (including at least four managers per restaurant) will be trained through the Popeyes Management Certification program.

Every international franchisee has a primary support person called the Regional Leader (RL). This highly experienced and trained restaurant professional will live in your market or region. The RL will be your consultant on all matters regarding your Popeyes restaurant franchise.

Additionally, at the Popeyes Global Service Center, there is a dedicated team to support the Popeyes international system in areas including Development Services, Marketing and Advertising, Supply Chain, Operations and Training.

Popeyes also has developed a state-of-the-art web portal to access around the clock support every day of the week. If you need access to video training, management tools, contact information, marketing tools, the operations manual or more, this web portal is there for you and your team.