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About Us

At Popeyes®, our Leadership Team is on a mission to increase franchisee success in every facet of the business. Profitability and service excellence are achieved with a focus on five strategic pillars that guide every business decision.

Five Pillars Of Success

  • Build Distinctive Brand

    At Popeyes, we are all about the food. Our Louisiana heritage gives us a melting pot of food cultures from seven nations to draw on for new recipes and products presenting a superior food platform for flavor innovation.

  • Create Memorable Experiences

    A service experience so good you can’t wait to come back to Popeyes

  • Grow Restaurant Profits

    Our #1 customer is our franchisee, and we want to ensure they are successful and profitable.

  • Accelerate Quality Restaurants

    We are adamant about growing with the right franchisees, in the right locations, at the right times.

  • Develop Servant Leaders

    Inspire servant leaders to achieve superior results based on five key principles