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Honor Code

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Dear Popeyes Family,

Our business, and the restaurant industry, is always changing. But one thing never changes—companies that succeed in business have employees, guests and investors who trust them. Trust is the foundation upon which long-term success is built. Without integrity in our actions, our reputation and our performance will be at risk.

At Popeyes, we put the highest value on doing the right thing. We expect the highest in integrity and honesty from our officers, directors, employees and business associates. We ask you to always make the right choice, even when that choice is not the easy path.

For the most part, we all know right from wrong. But how do we know where that line is with respect to what is fair, honest and ethical? In many cases, common sense is all we need. Other times, the answer may not be clear. In these instances, it is important to have guidelines, principles and policies to point us in the right direction.

This is the purpose of this document. Our Honor Code defines Popeyes standards for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner so we do not lose that trust. It embodies our culture, creating a fair and inviting environment for Popeyes to consistently attract and retain the best talent. Our values and standards have been part of that Popeyes culture since our beginning and continue to guide us into the future.

Specifically, our Honor Code serves a three-fold purpose:

  1. To provide guidance in helping us all identify and handle legal and ethical issues
  2. To help foster a culture of honesty and accountability
  3. To provide process and procedures that we can use to report illegal and/or unethical conduct

Please read our Honor Code carefully. We are responsible for knowing its provisions and complying with it at all times. If you have any questions regarding the Honor Code, you should discuss them with your supervisor. You can also contact our Chief Compliance Officer using the Online Contact Form for additional information and guidance. And, of course, you can always report any actual or suspected violations of the Honor Code by calling the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. (PLKI) Honor Code Line at 1-800-245-1491.

No policy, booklet, committee or compliance efforts can ever anticipate every ethical issue. We promote a culture of honesty and integrity, but we must rely on each other to practice that in our everyday lives. Please help us maintain and grow the Popeyes name and reputation as an industry leader by always doing the right things, the right way.

Signature of Cheryl Bachelder
Cheryl Bachelder
CEO and President

The Honor Code describes the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. (PLKI) standards for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner. It explains our expectations and what we mean by “do the right thing.” The Honor Code reflects our company’s values.

Our Honor Code embodies PLKI’s culture—a culture that creates a fair and inviting environment that enables PLKI to consistently attract and retain the best people. Our values and standards have been part of the PLKI culture since our beginning. They apply to all PLKI employees worldwide and will continue to guide us into the future.

This online document discusses key PLKI policies and laws. For additional information regarding any of this material, contact the Chief Compliance Officer.

The PLKI Honor Code Line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is staffed with specialists who are not PLKI employees. Calls are never recorded or traced. You may remain anonymous, and you will be given a case number so you can call back and check the status of your report.

PLKI obeys applicable laws wherever we do business, and expects everyone connected with PLKI to conduct themselves in accordance with these laws. You are personally responsible to know and to obey the policies and laws that apply to your job.

If you are aware of or suspect inappropriate, unethical or illegal behavior, it is your responsibility to immediately discuss it with your supervisor, department head or the Chief Compliance Officer.

If you are uncomfortable with this process for any reason, please submit your concerns using our Honor Code Contact Form or call the PLKI Honor Code Line, 1.800.245.1491.

PLKI will not tolerate any harassment of or retaliation against a PLKI employee who in good faith reports an actual or suspected violation of the policies and laws discussed in this Honor Code.