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Information Security

We trust that you will ensure the security of all sensitive information you work with, including confidential and proprietary Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. (PLKI) information, personal employee information, corporate records and computer applications and equipment.

You are responsible for protecting this information and making sure it is never disclosed or distributed where it should not be, either on purpose or inadvertently.

Information that is created, acquired or controlled by PLKI and is not common knowledge is considered confidential and proprietary and must be kept secure. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • Business plans, including marketing strategies
  • Competitive information such as pricing
  • Contracts, existing and pending
  • Supplier or vendor lists
  • Acquisition and divestment details
  • Recipes and operating procedures
  • New products and product research and development
  • Financial budgets, targets, projections and performance
  • Employee, customer or franchise partner records or information
  • Any other information that can be used to give PLKI a competitive advantage or harm PLKI
  • Employees must carefully guard against the disclosure of confidential and proprietary information, except to authorized individuals on a “need to know” basis or as required by law.
  • Employees are prohibited from using any confidential or proprietary information for their own benefit and from sharing it with others for any personal benefit.
  • Employees should not attempt to acquire competitors’ trade secrets or confidential and proprietary information through unethical or illegal means such as theft, espionage or disclosures by the competitors’ present or former employees.
As a result:
  • Employees should not discuss confidential or proprietary information in public, on public or cellular phones, via external email or through any other unsecured means. Inadvertent disclosure is potentially as damaging as intentional disclosure.
  • While gathering competitive information (i.e., benchmarking, information, best practices, etc.), PLKI employees should proceed in the same ethical and legal manner that PLKI would like to be treated by its competitors. In order to avoid the appearance of impropriety, employees should avoid seeking or receiving information directly from PLKI’s competitors. PLKI can accept competitive information where it is believed that the receipt and use of the information is ethical and lawful.

Policy: Employees who have access to personal information must carefully guard against its disclosure except to authorized individuals on a “need to know” basis or as required by law. Personal information includes all information related to any PLKI employee’s compensation and benefits, discipline and personal, medical and family data.

As a result: Employees should not share, compare or discuss such personal information.

We cannot overstate the importance of ensuring that PLKI corporate records are truthful and complete.

Policy: Every employee has a responsibility to make sure that the corporate records are truthful, complete and reliable.

As a result, all employees must:
  • Create clear and accurate entries in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and PLKI’s system of internal controls
  • Record all financial reporting and accounting
  • Detail the true nature of every transaction or payment in its supporting documentation
  • Report the existence of any undisclosed or unrecorded funds or other assets
  • Be honest and open with all auditors. Your complete disclosure of all required information is essential, as misleading or partial disclosures can give the appearance of unlawful or unethical actions.
In addition:
  • No undisclosed or unrecorded funds or other assets are permitted.
  • No false or misleading entries may be made in our books or records.
  • All corporate records (including correspondence, reports and memorandum) are maintained for a specified period of time and then destroyed in compliance with statutory and legal requirements and the applicable department record retention policy.

PLKI’s computer hardware and software applications are powerful tools that must be handled properly. Private use of these tools is governed by the PLKI Acceptable Use Policy. Employees are issued system access and technological resources based on their job role, duties and responsibilities. For questions related to access, information security, password configurations, software and hardware licensing, system access and storage, please review the PLKI Acceptable Use Policy. It is the responsibility of Popeyes employees, vendors and franchise partners to ensure they are familiar with the policies related to the use of technology that is issued to them or that they are provided access to based on their relationship with PLKI.

Every employee is responsible for reducing the possibility and consequences of the theft of personal PLKI computing resources and devices (e.g., desktops, laptops and similar devices), related materials such as hard drives, thumb drives and printed output, and the information they contain.

No matter where these assets are kept—in an office or home office, at a client location or in a hotel, plane or car, etc.—employees are responsible for protecting them appropriately. Users must promptly notify the PLKI IT Department of any security breaches, technology theft/loss or other incidents.